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For the love of the upcoming..
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Monday, December 8th, 2003

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HiYa lOl! I R Nu 2 dA CoMmUnItEeE So i fOuGhT I WuD InTrOdUcE MaHsElF LoL! i r rExEeEeH AnD I R ThE Sp00KyIeSt kId eVaR LoL!!!1 My fAv bAnDz r mAnSoN (hE Is mAh gOd lMaO!!1) MuRdErDoLlS, qUeEn aDrEeNa + pLaCeBo (OmG BrIaN MoLkO Is tEh fItNeSs!!!) lOl. NeWaYz i gOt 2 dO MaH HoMeWuRk nOw sO I'Ll c u aLl l8rZ LoL!!!! ByEeEeEeEeEeEe lMfAo!!!!"!111

Current Mood: GoFfIcK
hi gang my name is ryo but u can call me MS. DEATH.

bcoz death has been following me around since an early age

heer is a picture of me! arnt i sexy! and look my hair is auburn, teh coler od my sole. click my pic 4 a national article about how goth i am!

here is a link 2 a kewl band FILTH PORN.

thank u 4 letting me join :) MS. DEATH OUT!!

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