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For the love of the upcoming..
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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005

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Karn8 Metal Hammer review

Karn8 have been reviewed in this Month's Metal Hammer!!!

Check out the Incoming (Demos) section:

"At first you think, unfortunately, this isn't ultra slow doom core level one monsters, Khanate but then on further listening It turns out to be something altogether more delightful. Coming straight outta Aldershot, they have wrenched together the disparate strands of Garbage's straight up alterno/pop, Goldfrapp's whispering sensuousness and the industro grind of Ministry into one devilishly nice treat. Vocals courtesy of melancholy looking siren, Kirst, whisper seductively and holler hellishly over heavy but dance floor friendly grooves. All in all, a top notch demo."

[8] Jon Doran - Metal Hammer

Made us very happy :)

Check out the thread about it on our forum here

...and with the video well on its way, things just keep getting better and better!

Folow the link below to buy our EP for only £3 plus p&p!!

Thanks for reading


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