I just thought I would introduce myself since I signed up earlier today.
I'm Rob, I mainly play geetar and have the life slowly sucked out of me by a dull job in retail.
I'm a huge fan of stuff like Manson, Zeromancer, Orgy, DOPE, .Murderdolls etc, all good stripey tight and eyeliner wearing fun.
My hobbies include the guitar, drinking and sex, sometimes even at the same time!:-)
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a true story

This is my sp00ky alex. He is ten. He smokes heavily, likes murderdolls and slipknot and is a favourite of Gloucester alternative residents. A few years ago he was sent to hospital following an E overdose. He was eight years old. He is currently banned from the local under eighteens nightclub for jumping off the stage onto fellow sp00ky trav and broke his toe. tell me he is not the most memorable sp00ky ever.
Please give generously.
Also here is me, his sp00ky mama all spooked up.
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Here is a link to mad marmalade ann's livejournal. Her spelling is bad and her tantrums many. gothic_gizmo
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hi gang my name is ryo but u can call me MS. DEATH.

bcoz death has been following me around since an early age

heer is a picture of me! arnt i sexy! and look my hair is auburn, teh coler od my sole. click my pic 4 a national article about how goth i am!

here is a link 2 a kewl band FILTH PORN.

thank u 4 letting me join :) MS. DEATH OUT!!
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bitch PLEEZ

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HiYa lOl! I R Nu 2 dA CoMmUnItEeE So i fOuGhT I WuD InTrOdUcE MaHsElF LoL! i r rExEeEeH AnD I R ThE Sp00KyIeSt kId eVaR LoL!!!1 My fAv bAnDz r mAnSoN (hE Is mAh gOd lMaO!!1) MuRdErDoLlS, qUeEn aDrEeNa + pLaCeBo (OmG BrIaN MoLkO Is tEh fItNeSs!!!) lOl. NeWaYz i gOt 2 dO MaH HoMeWuRk nOw sO I'Ll c u aLl l8rZ LoL!!!! ByEeEeEeEeEeEe lMfAo!!!!"!111
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    MANSON LOL!!!!!1 <3333333333333333333333343568